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Get to know XServer

When you sign up on XServer, you can use it for Free and get 10MB Database storage and the chance to create 1 Database.
In case you'll reach those limits, an alert will show up in your Dashboard and warn you to upgrade to a Paid plan to keep using the service.

The Free account is forever, while a Paid plan stays up until you either cancel it or reach its Storage limits.

You can use XServer to create a backend for iOS or Android apps, Websites and Unity games.
Please read the Documentation for more info.

Enter your Dashboard and clikc the Create Database button.

Type a name and click the OK button.

You will be redirected to the new Database you just created.

In the Home page you can scroll down to the Pricing Plans section and choose one of the Plans. You must be logged in to make the subscription purchase.

Click on the desired plan, then click the Subscribe button on the Gumroad page.

After subscribing, you'll receive a receipt by email with a License Key.

Simply folow the instructions included in that message. In the Subscription verification page, enter your XServer's username and your License Key, then click the Verify button to activate your Plan.

If you want to cancel a subscription, enter your Gumroad Library, click your Subscription product and the Cancel subscription button.

Please note that after cancelling a subscription, your Plan will be set back to Free and in case you have multiple databases, your data will not be erased, but they will no longer be accessible. You can Contact the Support to handle your issue.
If you want to upgrade your Plan, first cancel your current subscription on Gumroad, as mentioned above. Then go back to the Pricing Table, select your new Plan and complete the activation as described in the How to subscribe for a Paid plan above.

If you want to host the API in your own server (AWS Lightsail with Ubuntu 18.04 instance recommended), you can do so by purchasing the Self-hosted API on the Pricing Plans section and installing its files in your server.
Please refer to the API Documentation to learn how to do that.

You can export your data with the Export a Table button - from the Options button of your Database.

Select the Table you want to export and click the Download Table button. Save the .json file in your computer.

If you have some XServer's formatted .json files in your computer - so JSON files compatible with the syntax of the database, like the ones you may have previously exported - and want to import your data as Tables, use the Import Tables button.

After the import will be complete, yiu will see your Tables and all their data.

Please note that Tables with the same name of the imported .json files will be overwritten, so pay attention while importing data in your Database.

You can do that in your Dashboard, so sign in and click your username button. Select either the Edit username button or the Change password button, set your desired info and click the white button.