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Loved by beginner developers and startups

XServer was built in July 2020 and it's been a great journey ever since. Many developers created an account and are using this backend for their applications, some of them even migrated their data from Parse Server and Firebase to XServer.
From the beginning, we tried to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers making updates of the UI and code, based on the received feedbacks.
We hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our journey.

NoSQL database

XServer is a realtime cloud-based NoSQL database solution. Cloud-based means it exists online, or "in the cloud." Realtime means we can see database changes immediately in our online dashboard.
XServer is also a Backend-as-a-Service, often abbreviated as BaaS. This is part of an application's backend (like a database) managed and provided by an online service.

There are many benefits on using a BaaS, like the following:
• Decreased development time. Using an existing, thoroughly tested outside tool means we don't have to write and test that code ourselves. This can decrease development time and cost.
• Smaller learning curve. The learning curve to use a BaaS is usually lower than constructing the same features from scratch.
• Scaleability. If we wrote our own backend from scratch and our application exploded in popularity overnight, we would experience issues if we didn't construct our code to handle heavy traffic. Big services like Firebase and AWS are already designed to handle high traffic.
• Multiple features in one. Many BaaS providers offer more than one service. For instance, XServer offers a database, a datasheet dashboard, user authentication, and push notifications system. As soon as one of these BaaS features is integrated, it's often easier to integrate additional features from the same service.

The great option about XServer, differently than other BaaS solutions, is that it offers the API source code at a fixed price, for you to host it on your VPS server (AWS Lightsail with Ubuntu is strongly recommended) and take full control of the code and UI.