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Check out what XServer can do for your applications.

Build your projects in no time with the Mobile, Web and Unity SDKs

The Admin panel, with its dark style, makes it easy for you to view and quickly edit data.

Store and query data through the SDKs, and add logic using the proper functions.

Easily integrate the code on your mobile apps, Unity games and websites.

Store and query data through the SDKs, and add logic using the proper functions.

// Query data
function queryObjects() {
  var objects = XSQuery(
    'tableName=' + 'Posts'  // Set the Table name
     + '&columnName=' + 'DT_createdAt'  // Get the createdAt Date column
     + '&orderBy=' + 'descending'  // OR 'ascending' 

  // Array of objects
  var objectsArray = [];
  for (var i = 0; i < objects.length; i++) {
    // JSON Object
    var obj = objects[i];

    // Query filters
    if( obj['ST_category'] == 'Fun' || obj['NU_likes'] == 101 ){ objectsArray.push(obj); }

    // Finalize array of objects by removing duplicates (if any)
    if (i == objects.length-1) { objectsArray = XSRemoveDuplicatesFromArray(objectsArray);
      // Get data to show
  } // ./ For


Buy the self-hosted API and host it on your own VPS server.



  • Hosted NoSQL Databases
  • Invite Collaborators
  • Night Backups
Self-hosted API

$29 one-time fee

  • Create multiple Databases
  • Host the XServer API in your server
  • Get SDKs and sample applications

What They Say
About XServer

Feedbacks from mobile and web developers, designers, game creators and creative people.

I used to develop my apps with Firebase, but since I've found XServer out, I switched all my data to this awesome backend. It's so easy to use and it helped me saved tons of development hours!

Barbara Garcia
App Developer

I was looking for a good backend for my startup, with fair prices. XServer is a flexible and great alternative to BaaS services like Parse Server, my colleagues love it. Me too, of course!

Dhanuk Khatri

As a 3D game creator, I needed to use a backend for some of my projects. XServer simplified my job a lot, allowing me to complete my games exactly the way I wanted.

Richard Warren
Game developer